Vinci Hair Expert Team Members

Ayo Otubanjo


Ayo Otubanjo is a Senior Consultant with the world’s leading specialist hair restoration company, Vinci Hair Clinic, and a partner in the global medical group. He is the Regional CEO for Vinci Hair Clinic Africa and is responsible for the growth of the brand and expansion of its network of clinics across the whole of Africa.
As a hair loss consultant, Ayo has consulted with over 2,000 patients experiencing varying forms of hair loss and has extensive experience in the treatment of hair loss with options including medication, laser cap technology and hair transplant surgery.
In his quest to provide Africans with easy local access to professional and international standard treatments for hair loss, Ayo oversaw the opening of Vinci Hair Clinics in Nigeria and Ghana and plans to open more in other African countries.
He has published several articles in professional journals and newspapers and has been featured on local and international media platforms to share his wealth of knowledge. His passion is to ensure every African is sporting a healthy head of hair.

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Tosin Otubanjo


Tosin Otubanjo is the Communications Director, Vinci Hair Clinic Africa (Nigeria & Ghana), the world's leading specialist hair restoration company.
Tosin has a wealth of experience in marketing communications for over thirty years. She has a degree in business studies as well as professional qualifications in advertising and marketing. She has diverse experience across multiple sectors including FMCG, healthcare, fashion, beauty, and financial services.
Tosin started her career working for the Farmer Group, a full service advertising agency in the UK, and then worked as a marketing professional in a variety of industries including FMCG companies such as Phillips and the International Wool Secretariat, finally becoming a financial services lobbyist promoting the insurance industry to the media, the UK Parliament and the European Parliament.
In 2012 Tosin decided to establish her own business and set up B-Avante Limited, a UK-based beauty distribution and trading company, which was the sole distributor for Me! Bath in the UK.
In 2014 she took up the role of Communications Director at Vinci Hair Clinic Africa where she leads a team responsible for all the sales, marketing and communications strategy for the brand across Africa.
In her spare time Tosin is training to be a Counsellor and has gained interim qualifications from the Institute of Counselling in Glasgow.

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Dr. Benedict Efosa Odiase


Dr. Benedict Efosa Odiase is a registered and licensed medical practitioner under the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Medical Association. He currently works as a Resident Doctor/Hair Transplant Surgeon at Vinci hair clinic. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Port Harcourt before obtaining his Doctor of Medicine degree from Kursk State Medical University, Russia where he graduated with honours, with distinctions in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
He considers his strength to be his passion towards problem solving through active participation in research this led him to be awarded Distinction by the department of normal physiology for excellent studies and active participation in scientific work of the department at Kursk State medical university. He has also published in an international journal in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
His love for Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Restorative Medicine demonstrated by him being an attendee in the Global Hair Loss Summit held in 2021, a conference that brought together the very best and brightest in surgical Hair restoration. This makes him approach his patients using world standard and evidenced-based practices.

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Dr Excel - Vinci Hair Clinic

Dr Uche-Amadi Excel


Dr. Uche-Amadi Excel is a medical doctor registered under the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Medical Association. He is currently a Resident Doctor/Hair Transplant Surgeon at Vinci Hair Clinic Africa. He has a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of Port Harcourt, and has worked as a general medical practitioner at some of the finest hospitals in Nigeria.
He is a goal-driven, passionate and enthusiastic fellow who has a knack for quality health service delivery, with additional certifications including Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Leadership and Management in Health (Washington) and Telemedicine (Harvard MS).
His passion for aesthetic medicine as a whole earned him a spot at Vinci Hair Clinic, Africa’s leading hair restoration clinic.

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Nwabueze Chibuzo Vivian


Nwabueze Chibuzo Vivian is the Head Nurse/Chief Micro-Scalp Pigmentation Technician, Vinci Hair Clinic Africa, the world’s leading specialist hair restoration company.
Vivian has a wealth of experience in both the medical field and Hair Restoration treatment. She has a degree in Nursing as well as Certification in the art of Micro-Scalp Pigmentation.
Vivian started her career working in the ward as a nursing officer in Nigeria before joining the Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria team in 2018 and is currently working at Vinci Hair Clinic Ghana.
She has gone ahead to train a number of staff and also delivered quality service since her employ.
In her spare time, Vivian works on improving her craft to deliver the best at all times.

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Macduff Nnodim


Macduff Nnodim is the Brand and Business Development Manager, Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria, a leading specialist hair restoration company.
Macduff has a wealth of experience in Business Development, Branding and Marketing, spanning over five years. He has a degree in Medical Physiology and a master’s in Business administration (in-view), both from the University of Lagos. He also holds a professional qualification in management from the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM).
He has diverse experience across multiple sectors including, real estate, healthcare, aesthetics, and non-governmental organisation.
Macduff is interested in tech, football, politics and humanitarian services.

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Sheriff Ahmed

Sheriff Ahmed


Sheriff Olajide Ahmed is the Client Services Manager at Vinci Hair Clinic Africa, the world's leading specialist Hair Restoration company.
Sheriff has worked in client service roles for the last 10 years and has acquired exceptional skills in understanding client’s psychology and quickly detecting their desires, expectations, and how these can be effectively met.
He has a degree in Environmental Sciences & Resource Management, as well as a Higher National Diploma in SLT (Chemistry). He also enjoys research and has helped many professionals research in fields of international management, project management, and health related areas. Sheriff has also undergone several trainings on customer service, business writing, marketing and sales strategies, creative thinking amongst others.
In 2014, Sheriff took up the role of Client Coordinator at Vinci Hair Clinic Africa. He currently coordinates a team of client coordinators across the teams in Lagos, Abuja and Accra. He is responsible for providing feedback and recommendations to management based on customer engagements, as well as developing strategies for improving client services and sales goals.
In his spare time, Sheriff enjoys traveling, participating in sports like basketball and athletics, and he also loves to gain knowledge and research in various fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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    General Topic
How does a Hair Transplant work?

The hair around the back and sides of the head is genetically programmed to grow for life. A Hair Transplant is a simple redistribution of this permanent hair to the thin and balding areas of the scalp.

Why am I losing my hair?

Hair loss has a range of causes and it is important to get an expert diagnosis in order to choose the right treatment for your specific condition. For example, male pattern baldness is caused by a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which damages the hair follicles on the top of the head, but doesn’t affect the hairs on the back and sides of the head. The same hormone causes female hair loss, but in a different pattern. Other causes of hair loss include stress, scalp conditions and some medications. For personalised hair loss advice, arrange a private consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic.

Will the hair grow naturally?

Absolutely. Your own natural hair is used for the transplant and it will continue growing at the same pace as the rest of your hair.

Will I have to shave my head for my Hair Transplant?

Vinci FUE sessions will require us to shave your donor area.

How long does it take for the hair to grow?

As the transplanted hair is in different phases from growth to dormant, regrowth is progressive and starts from approximately three months post-op. At the six month stage, hair growth has been active for three months and we would expect to see a good portion of the hair growing through. Near to all regrowth is achieved from between 12 to 18 months.

Will the transplanted hair really grow for the rest of my life?

Yes. The hair follicles we transplant from the donor area are genetically programmed to grow for the rest of your life. These genetic properties do not change when the hair is moved to the bald and thinning area.

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    Consultation & Fee
Are consultations free?

Yes, all Vinci Hair Clinic consultations are free of charge (with the exception of VIP consultations)

How much does a Hair Transplant procedure cost?

The cost of a Hair Transplant procedure depends greatly on the level of hair loss, the amount of density required, as well as on your expectations. A Hair Transplant is a permanent procedure and will be visible for the rest of your life. While cost is an important factor, the quality of the work should be your number one priority when choosing a company to undertake your restoration. Various finance options are available to help make the treatment more affordable and therefore achievable.

What happens if I am not a good candidate?

If you are not a good candidate for a Hair Transplant procedure, your Vinci specialist will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and recommend alternative treatment options, which may include MSP or medical treatments.

What can I expect when I attend a Vinci Hair Consultation?

During the consultation, your Vinci specialist will evaluate your stage of hair loss. We will discuss your expectations with you and let you know what we can realistically achieve with the treatment options available to you.

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