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Beard Hair Restoration

How You Care for Your Beard Says a Lot About You!

Beards are back. Not that they ever really went away in the first place, of course, but they’re trending majorly these days. Look around your friends and colleagues or walk down any High Street and you’ll see beards galore. You’ll notice that there are many different styles of beard, even if you’re not familiar with their names. It doesn’t really matter, however, whether they are goatees, hipsters, Van Dykes, or Balbos. In the end, there are really only two types of beard–The cared-for and The neglected. The group your beard belongs to depends totally on you!

This post will look at the essential steps you need to take to care for your beard, and what it says about you as a person if you neglect your facial hair. Scroll down to find out more!

Just like the hair on your head, facial hair needs to be kept tidy and clean. Letting your beard become unkempt or failing to wash it can send subliminal messages to those around you. This can have unwanted consequences in a professional context. It can say to people that you are disorganized, someone who doesn’t care for the small details. If you can’t be bothered looking after your own appearance, why should someone trust you to look after their business? Socially, too, it can have negative consequences. A dirty beard is not attractive. If your beard is so out of control that you can’t eat without getting food all over it, that’s not a good look.

The Cost of Neglect

The cost of neglecting your beard goes beyond the damage to your professional reputation or your personal popularity. It can also result in some unpleasant skin problems. If you don’t clean your beard regularly and moisturise the skin underneath it, you could find yourself suffering from dry skin and acne. That’s because the beard traps oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. The build-up of this debris will block your pores and give rise to skin problems unless you deal with it.Beard wearers can also suffer from staph infections, which get their name from a bacteria called staphylococcus aureus. The warmth and humidity created on the skin under your beard is the ideal home for this kind of bacteria. Dandruff, folliculitis and lice are other unwanted conditions that can afflict beard wearers.


There are three different ways you need to maintain your beard to keep it looking good while protecting the skin underneath it as well. You need to trim it regularly, maintain its shape and ensure that it is well-conditioned. You can choose to go to a professional barber to have these tasks carried out or you can do them yourself at home. This kind of grooming is routine stuff to those who’ve had a beard for a few years and doesn’t take up too much time or effort.

You’ll need to equip yourself with the proper tools if you’re going down the DIY route. That means getting a good quality trimmer. You’ll quickly become adept at using this, but start using it cautiously until you do. Aim to trim small pieces of beard with each cut; that way if you make a mistake, there’s no great harm done. Use a comb to get your beard into the shape you want. Set yourself the target of conditioning your beard at least once a week. Using the right products is key to doing this properly.

Product Care

The first rule of beard care is not to assume that the same products you use on your head will do for your beard. The hair on your neck and face is softer and thinner than the hair you have on your scalp, so the same products won’t work on both. The shampoo that works wonders on your head could well be too harsh for your beard hair. Spend money on a good beard oil or balm to keep your skin moisturized. Choose a gentle shampoo and conditioner that will keep your beard soft and clean and prevent the skin underneath from drying out.

Final Thoughts

It’s vital to look after your beard. If you don’t, you risk sending out the signal that you are unkempt and unprofessional. Not only that but neglecting your beard can lead to problems with dry skin and acne. In contrast, a healthy, cared-for beard reeks of masculinity, vigor, and competence.

Some problems with beards aren’t due to neglect. If you start to notice you’re losing hair from your beard or that it is getting thin and patchy in some areas, you may have a condition known as Alopecia Barbae. You’ll need professional help dealing with that. Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We have clinics all over the world, and we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all our new clients. Get in touch and book an appointment today!

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