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The Magic of Scar MSP

As humans, we all experience the ups and downs of life. While some people go through life without any major issues, others end up with visible scars due to various reasons. These scars can be as a result of birthmarks, keloids, or from different life experiences, such as fights, attacks, medical procedures, or accidents. Regardless of how they happen, these scars remain visible and can affect a person’s appearance, confidence, and self-esteem, especially when they […]

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Four Important Things You May Not Know About Your Hair

Our hair is important for how we look, and it can also tell us about our health. Here are some interesting things you might not know about hair. In this article, we’ll share four cool facts about your hair that you might not have heard before. The Lifespan of a Hair Follicle  You might be surprised to know that each strand of hair on your head has a limited lifespan. Hair strands go through a […]

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Three Reasons Why Celebrities Won’t Tell You They’ve Had A Hair Treatment Procedure

Question: What do IK Ogbonna, and Anthony Monjaro have in common? And that is aside from being rich, famous, and handsome Nollywood actors.  Answer: they’ve all had hair treatment procedures done by Vinci Hair Clinic!  Specifically Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP).  But these guys are the exception because on ‘Planet Celebrity’, image plays a crucial role, and it’s no surprise that many famous personalities have sought and obtained hair treatment procedures to restore their hair, but […]

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Hair Restoration: Understanding The Different Procedures And The Best One for You

The global hair restoration business is booming. According to market research, the industry recorded nearly $5 billion in business in 2021 alone. It is estimated that this figure will rise even further to $30 billion by 2030. So, why is the hair restoration business recording so much financial success? The answer is simple: quality of service and trust. So, what are your options and how do they help your hair restoration aspirations? Well, here is […]

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Is MSP the Hair Loss Treatment that Gets Under Your Skin?

Hair loss treatment doesn’t stop at Hair Transplants. If you think that’s stating the obvious, then you’re probably a bit more clued-up on the subject of hair restoration than the average person. You may be aware of Beard and Eyebrow Transplants, Microblading, and Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment but most people aren’t. It’s the same story with Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP); people are surprised when they hear about it. Here’s the funny thing, though. Once they know […]